ZoukOut 2011: Chuckie

Chuckie, a house music producer who is famous for his unique style of Dirty Dutch house music and have produced superbly catchy tunes hit-singles such as “What happens in Vegas” and not forgetting his latest single “Who’s ready to jump”, took over the stage at 1am with incredible energy and enthusiasm. This guy even wore his very own “Who’s ready to jump” tshirt to the show.

By the time Chuckie came out, it was almost impossible to breathe properly (due to the sudden surge of people all over trying to squeeze to the front) but that did not deter the audiences’ mood because Chuckie was constantly engaging with the audience and that totally help the crowd to forgo the huge mess (insanely packed situation) and just let their hair down and party away. By the time he dropped “What happens in Vegas”, everyone was in hyperactive mode and it was actually still early (probably 15mins past 1am).

Throughout the two hour set, there was never one second where I don’t feel the energetic vibe. Chuckie was constantly multi-tasking between tuning his tracks, engaging the audience with his upbeat moves and voice (he was constantly on the mic shouting out to the crowd). By the way, this guy makes an incredible MC and has an amazingly outgoing and fun personality which shines through because his enthusiasm is simply impossible to mimic.

Chuckie also has the ability to play only the important tunes (even to the extend of forgoing more than half the track). He knows which are the exact seconds of the tracks that’s enough to make the crowd go crazy and it totally worked because his set was just what that the audience needed – a nonstop flow of upbeat sound.

To conclude, this guy’s set was worth my every second. His energy level was magnificent and I think that’s really important since gigs are pretty much a two way thing. On the Dj’s hand, their job is to provide the ultimate experience for us (the audience) and we provide the feedback. Thus, with Chuckie‘s enthusiasm, it’s impossible to not remember this man and his gigs.

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