Zouk Singapore: Kaskade (Dec’11)

Ryan Raddon aka Kaskade, is one of the leading electronic music producers from America. Having been active since 2001, Kaskade came a long way and have pretty much been involved in the evolution of the dance music scene around the world. Having released more than 7 studio albums to date and have worked with several other big names such as Tiesto and Deadmau5, just to name a few.

Weeks before the event, when I first heard about the news that Kaskade will be coming for his debut in Zouk Singapore, I knew it was a night not to be missed. Despite the excitement, my friends and decided that it’s going to be a night to unwind after a day of work so we stayed away from the dance floor (we foresaw the sardine-packed crowd that will happen that night) and hanged around the second level of Zouk. True enough, the dance floor was packed way before Kaskade‘s arrival.

The moment Kaskade took over the booth, insanity started among the crowd. Front-rowers jumped crazily trying to get Kaskade’s signature, photos and high-fives. Others just danced… non-stop. Throughout the night, Kaskade dropped several of his tracks from his latest studio album “Fire & Ice” such as “Lessons In Love” featuring the Neon Trees. Some of my favorites from the album are “Turn It Down” featuring the Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona as well as “Llove” featuring the talented vocals of Haley and sure enough, I was glad that Kaskade dropped these tracks!

Besides the original softer tracks, Kaskade also dropped several current popular tunes such as Dada Life’s “Happy Violence“, David Guetta’s “Paris“, Alesso’s “Raise Your Head“, Swedish House Mafia’s “Save The World” and of course, the unmissable “Levels” by Avicii. Of course, I was most pleasantly surprised when Kaskade dropped the Tiësto‘s classic “Lethal Industry“.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed because towards the later part of the set, tracks after tracks seemed to be mainly the “out-there-tracks” that’s pretty much played everywhere in the Dance music scene right now. Sure enough, that seemed fine since the crowd seemed to really enjoy them.

However, for Kaskade who’s had more than 7 studio albums, I would’ve expected tons and tons of original bangers from the man itself especially since he’s come from a journey of successful singles and I must say that a lot of the original tunes are really good so there’s really no reason why they should be excluded for the popular tracks that are played everywhere right now. That’s just my two cents worth.

All in all, the night was still splendid considering how the crowd seemed to really enjoy Kaskade‘s set. I, too, was enjoying and indulging in a musical journey led by Kaskade.

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