Zouk Singapore: Hardwell (Feb’12)

Superstar DJ and music producer Hardwell aka Robbert van de Corput created a frenzy during his gig at Zouk Singapore two weeks ago. This young dutch star broke into the scene in 2009 and has since produced tons of chart-topping hit singles such as “Encoded“, “Cobra” and the collaboration with superstar veteran DJ Tiësto to produce the massive track “Zero 76“. More recently, Hardwell just released his latest earworm track titled “Spaceman“.

Before the gig, I’ve already predicted that it’s going to be insanely crowded that night but when I got there, the amount of people sure exceeded my expectation. We knew that Hardwell will be coming on at about 1.15am – 1.30am and therefore, at about 12.30am, we stood firmly on the dance floor (we were at about row three from the DJ’s booth), anticipating the appearance of Hardwell. By the time when it was 1 am, the dance floor became so packed that it was even getting hard to move but we waited patiently because we knew it was going to be worth it.

Finally, a smiley and energetic young man came on and took over the booth with an awesome opening of his massive track, “Encoded” and everybody started banging and screaming to the music and to Hardwell himself. Shortly after, the track “NickTim” by Avicii & Nicky Romero came on and everybody seemed to know the track really well and were humming to it. Next up came the usual tracks-of-the-moment such as Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso’s “Calling (Instrumental version)”, Alesso’s remix “Pressure” by Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji.

By the time “Pressure” came on, the dance floor was so packed that it was getting hard to breathe, so we decided to get out of the dance floor and continue the party at level two where there were still space to stand around. Later on, Hardwell dropped the massive new track “In My Mind” by Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl Feat. Gerogi Kay in the Axwell remix, which was great!

Throughout the set, Hardwell was dropping tunes that constantly switched from high intensity headbangers to sexier, groovier tunes which was really great because that way, the crowd was able to keep up with the pace since it wasn’t all high intensity fist-pumping tracks (so people got the chance to somehow breathe). Some of the tracks that were dropped later on include “Toulouse” by Nicky Romero, Avicii’s “Sweet Dreams (Gregori Klosman Remix)“, Hardwell‘s very own remix of Robin S vs. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke’s “Show Me Love vs. Be“, “Cobra“, “Zero 76“, Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close“, Sandro Silva & Quintino’s “Epic“, Knife Party’s “Internet Friends” as well as the Skrillex remix of Avicii’s “Levels” and Benny Benassi’s “Cinema” and finally closing the set with his own latest track “Spaceman” (which is still stuck in my head till this day) to make the night a perfect one.

True enough, he did it. I think he actually extended his set because at one point of time, I could hear the crowd shouting “Encore, Encore” and then miraculously his set continued and everybody just went insane. That night in zouk was ridiculously packed and yet nobody wanted to leave because it was such a good set, paired with such a suave and energetic young man taking over the booth.

Hardwell is the kind of music producer whom I’ve always had faith in and have always looked forward to his releases because the tracks never disappoint. Now that I’ve seen and heard him live, I can safely say that he is the kind of producer AND DJ whom I’ll always have faith in because his choices in music is just well, always right. While I sure don’t look forward to the crowd, I’ll be looking forward to his next gig somewhere near.


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