Zouk Singapore: R3hab (MAR’12)

Originated from Breda, Netherlands, Fadil El Ghoul aka R3hab has proven himself to be more than just a regular DJ. To date, R3hab has remixed tons of tracks ranging from popular pop and dance music from artistes such as Lady Gaga & LMFAO to some of the definitive house music producers such as David Guetta and Afrojack and having his remixes played by them. Besides remixes, R3hab has also produced several head-banger tracks such as “Prutataa” which was a collaboration with Afrojack.

R3hab came on at about 1.30AM and started the show with a blast, dropping the track “Sending My Love” which was an original by the man himself and collaboration with Swanky Tunes Featuring the vocals of Max’C. The crowd was instantly warmed up because of the track’s amazing build-up and intensive drop and not forgetting, the help of Zouk’s amazing lightings and occasionally huge dosage of dry ice shower.

Some of the originally remixed tracks by R3hab that were played include LMFAO’s “Sorry for Party Rocking”, “Champagne Showers & “Party Rock Anthem”, Adrian Lux’s “Fire”, Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night”, Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”, Calvin Harris’ “We Found Love” and David Guetta Feat. Usher’s “Without U”.

Other tracks that R3hab played also included a mashup of Sander Van Doorn’s “Koko” & the Acapella of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep as well as Dada Life’s “Kick Out the Epic Motherfu*ker”.

R3hab‘s remixes usually include his signature monstrous buildup and rhythmic drops and with this signature style, he’s turned tons of ear-worm vocal tracks into something completely refreshing and original. One of my favorites that R3hab dropped that night was his remix of Lady Gaga’s “Judas” in which there was a pretty long crescendo followed by the massive drop of a rhythmic electro-dance sequence that caused an infectious dance fever on the dance floor.

Regarding the flow of R3hab‘s set that night, there’s only one word to describe: excessive. In the sounds of R3hab, we can be sure that there’s never enough buildup, drop and energy and therefore, everything is always in excess. The excess went on for four hours continuously with bangers after bangers that led us to non-stop raving alongside the crescendos of the tracks at the dance floor, which ultimately sucked away our energy because it was constantly so intense (I actually think I burned quite a lot of calories that night due to all that intensive raving and dancing)!

Usually, Gigs that go on for that long can be dangerous because the crowd may get too exhausted to keep up towards the end or the flow of tracks may screw up and break the momentum and hype, but R3hab totally killed it.

To end off, R3hab‘s famous “Chainsaw Madness” is real. It’s not a legend or just plain saying. It’s easy to be a part of this “Chainsaw Madness” movement whenever R3hab is around but it’s not easy to keep up.

Now that I know, the next time I’m going to attend a R3hab show (which I’m sure I will!), I’ll be sure to prep myself with comfort footwear and 200% energy because the rave is not going to stop and you’ll need all that excessive energy to keep on raving. That’s just R3hab.


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