Music Events You Should Go For In 2012: Europe

Hey guys, this time we are featuring events in Europe. Unfortunately some events would have passed by the time we live these posts. Sorry about that as we are trying to blog as much as possible with our full time jobs (I don’t get much free time after work).  So maybe you guys can share with us which events in Europe are worth going.

Below are the top 3 events, I really really wanna go 😀

Energy The Network

Dates: March 3


Sadly, this awesome event happened pretty recently. It was pretty hard for me reading tweets from DJs talking about how they are preparing for this event. And because I live on the other side of the world, it makes it harder for me to go for this event. If the after movie above didn’t manage to tempt you, check out this link, Avicii’s set for the event in 2011. Are you still telling me that you are not interested ?



  • Hasselt – Belgium: March 17
  • Oslo – Norway: April 14
  • Santiago – Chile: April 14
  • Bucharest – Romania: April21
  • Kiev – Ukraine: May 5
  • Belgrade – Serbia: May 12
  • Prague – Czech-Republic: May 19
  • St Petersburg – Russia: June 11
  • Amsterdam – Netherlands: July 7
  • São Paulo – Brasil: TBC


One of the biggest music events so far. With a selection of places to go, you can plan your trip to the nearest one to you. But, where’s Asia ?! Hopefully they will bring such events to Asia like *ahemSINGAPOREahem*. They actually have 2 versions of the event; Sensation and Black.  And the one featured above is Sensation which focuses more on House music. Black would only start in July which features music that are darker.

And people who attend this event will have to dress in white ! This will be a great event for those who likes to be indoors, away from the mosquitoes and the heat (that is if you are from a tropical country).


Dates: July 27 -29


Tomorrowland ! Tomorrowland is my goal this year! I just love the whole branding of it and how you are just living in the world of dance music for 3 days. Away from work, school or whatever that bothers/stresses you. And each year the line up is never a disappointment. I’ll definitely get the tickets once the sale of tickets starts (provided I can save enough money by then, heh)

The different stages are such a sight! Unlike other events, the different stages at Tomorrowland all have a unique look to it. It’s just an experience that I don’t wanna miss out on. Besides the stages and branding, there’s one more thing I love about Tomorrowland, the theme song. Each year there will be a theme song for the event. In 2010:  Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Dada Life & Tara Mcdonald – Tomorrow ( Give In To The Night ) In 2011: Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and NERVO – The Way We See The World. These theme songs just has that attitude to it and being bias me, I’m totally for Dada life’s theme song for 2010’s.

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