Zouk Singapore: Arno Cost (Apr’12)

Upcoming, young French DJ, Arno Cost played at Zouk on the 5th of April for Zouk’s celebration of being the number 5 club on DJ Mag. I didn’t really take notice of Arno Cost until I heard Trilogy, a track he produced together with  Laidback Luke and Norman Doray. Before Trilogy was out, I had only heard of Cyan (which is a very nice track by the way 😉 ) and Magenta. So only armed with 3 of his songs, I bravely went for his show hoping that I would know most of the tracks he is gonna play.

Please forgive the low res images. I only had my phone then. I tried to get the best shots.

Being the excited me, I couldn’t wait for Arno Cost to play Trilogy. So for the first part of his set I was standing patiently with puppy eyes, trying to contain my excitement while he played songs like Titanium and Rolling In The Deep to get the crowd going. Finally when he played Trilogy, I sang my lungs out to the tune of it. Unfortunately here in Singapore, I don’t think the name Arno Cost rings a bell to many people. So there I was, in my own world, singing to the tune while I received a few weird glances from some party goers. It’s a shame though, I must say, I truly believe that he deserves much more recognition than this.

I got lost for quite awhile before Arno Cost played In My Mind, Epic and Kick Out The Epic Motherf*cker which  brought me back to Mother Earth. (This is what happens when you don’t listen to enough music.) I then got lost again until he played Avicii and Nervo’s You’ll Never Be Alone Again.

By now, the set got a little slower. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, The Island, Chasing and Million Voices are the subsequent tracks that I managed to remember with my after work brain.

Sadly, I gotta say that I was a little disappointed with the night. It felt as though there wasn’t any climax. It was a nice build in the beginning but it just stayed at that level which had gotten pretty flat and before you know it, he was closing his set already 😦 And there wasn’t much engagement from him with the crowd. The only interaction I got from him was him telling us it was gonna be the last song. Maybe I’m just too used to high energy sets from DJs like R3hab, Hardwell and Laidback Luke etc that Arno Cost‘s set becomes too flat for me hurhur.

But I really hope I’ll get to catch a better set from him in future!


I hope you guys don’t mind my honest opinion on the whole set. We believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so if you guys were there and felt otherwise or you have heard a better set from Arno Cost, do share with us your experience or how you felt about his set!

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