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Spotlight: weelikeme

Since we are based in Singapore, I thought why not have a Spotlight article on our very own local DJ. Honestly in Singapore, good DJs with talent are pretty rare in my opinion. So when I first heard Adrian Wee aka weelikeme spin at Zoukout, I immediately asked my friend who is that spinning. His music caught my attention and I was glued to the stage for quite awhile.

One thing that separates him from other local DJs is that he doesn’t play a whole string of the latest or the most popular tracks. Rather, he plays a set that is smooth with great control over the tracks which makes you wanna grab a champagne and groove to his set. Though most of the time I can’t recognise the tracks he plays, but the whole melody and beat just flows really well.

Unfortunately, besides Zoukout and Velvet Underground Lounge, I haven’t heard him play elsewhere yet. At Zoukout, it was upbeat and groovy whereas at Velvet Underground Lounge, it’s more chill and relax. Have yet to hear all of Adrian Wee, but he is pretty versatile I must say.

He is also one of the trio behind Poptart, one of the most well known and successful nights in Singapore. Previously held at Butter Factory but had since followed him to Zouk. If you’re looking for a night to let yourself loose and party hard, don’t miss out on Poptart. There must be a reason why it’s still standing strong after 7 years, right ?

More about Poptart


If you haven’t heard from him yet, get down to Zouk if you live in Singapore, you’ll find him mostly at Velvet Underground Lounge.

If you’re not from this Lion city, visit his soundcloud for some of his mixes. Do check him out if he drops by your local clubs or if you happen to visit Zouk Singapore ūüėČ

Follow Adrian Wee aka weelikeme


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Stereo Monday: #12

Hello there! Welcome to the 12th edition of our weekly play list. As you all know, last week was the insane Miami Music Week/ Winter Music Conference week along with Ultra Music Festival where it seemed like the perfect time to drop and premiere new tracks. Thus, we’ve featured some of the tracks we’ve heard from Ultra Music Festival as well as lots of new releases! We hope you’ll like it and have a great week ahead! Check here out for this play list on our youtube channel:¬†

1. iSquare – Hey Sexy Lady (Laidback Luke Remix)

2. Thomas Gold – Sing2Me (Original Mix)

3. Martin Solveig – The Night Out (Madeon Remix)

4. Madonna – Girl Gone Wild (Avicii Remix)

5. David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Metropolis (Original Mix)

6. Fedde le Grand, Deniz Koyu & Johan Wedel РTurn it

7. Gaia – J’ai Envie De Toi

8. Bjornberg – Libella (Original Mix)

9. Omnia & IRA РThe Fusion (Original Mix)

10. Bjorn Akesson РCastle Technology (Original Mix)

11. Super8 & Tab РAwakenings (Original Mix)

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