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Spotlight: weelikeme

Since we are based in Singapore, I thought why not have a Spotlight article on our very own local DJ. Honestly in Singapore, good DJs with talent are pretty rare in my opinion. So when I first heard Adrian Wee aka weelikeme spin at Zoukout, I immediately asked my friend who is that spinning. His music caught my attention and I was glued to the stage for quite awhile.

One thing that separates him from other local DJs is that he doesn’t play a whole string of the latest or the most popular tracks. Rather, he plays a set that is smooth with great control over the tracks which makes you wanna grab a champagne and groove to his set. Though most of the time I can’t recognise the tracks he plays, but the whole melody and beat just flows really well.

Unfortunately, besides Zoukout and Velvet Underground Lounge, I haven’t heard him play elsewhere yet. At Zoukout, it was upbeat and groovy whereas at Velvet Underground Lounge, it’s more chill and relax. Have yet to hear all of Adrian Wee, but he is pretty versatile I must say.

He is also one of the trio behind Poptart, one of the most well known and successful nights in Singapore. Previously held at Butter Factory but had since followed him to Zouk. If you’re looking for a night to let yourself loose and party hard, don’t miss out on Poptart. There must be a reason why it’s still standing strong after 7 years, right ?

More about Poptart


If you haven’t heard from him yet, get down to Zouk if you live in Singapore, you’ll find him mostly at Velvet Underground Lounge.

If you’re not from this Lion city, visit his soundcloud for some of his mixes. Do check him out if he drops by your local clubs or if you happen to visit Zouk Singapore 😉

Follow Adrian Wee aka weelikeme


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Spotlight: Chris Lake

No doubt House music has a long history and I was never there throughout when it all started (not even close). I have to admit that it took me a while before I got into the Electronic Dance Music scene and Chris Lake was a big part of getting me into the scene.

Coming from London Town, Chris Lake has come a long way since 2001. His musical journey include being an avid music producer, a globe-trotting DJ and a music lover who’s constantly hunting down the best beats and tunes in the market. As tempting as it is to try and label a certain DJ with a post-it note and the specific type of electronic music genres that they are should fit into, I strongly believe that Chris Lake is a producer/mixer of versatility and should not be constrained or strictly categorized. However, despite the versatility in which Chris Lake has produced a wide variety of tracks (some more fast paced and rougher, some softer and smoother), I can’t deny that most (if not all) of Lake’s tracks contain some sort of sexiness in it.

Let’s just say there’s almost a different Chris Lake track for each different happy (or sexy) occasion.

Chris Lake Feat. Nastala – If You Knew (Original Mix)
I can never emphasize enough on how much I love this track. It’s also the track by Chris Lake that sucked me into the goodness of the electronic dance music scene or more specifically, the house music scene. Believe it or not, this track is still one the most played in my iTunes (since I first heard it in 2008). Also, because of this track, it’s so hard for me to consider any other track that’s sexier and more sensual.

Chris Lake Feat. Laura V – Changes
Next up on my list would be the single featuring the vocals of Laura V. What can I say? Sexy! It’s the perfect anthem for a girls night out sipping martinis. It’s these kinda tunes that make one feel confident about themselves (or so I feel).

And here’s the version without vocals

Chris Lake Feat. Emma Hewitt – Carry Me Away
On the same level of sexiness, the track “Carry Me Away” is Chris Lake’s 2007 single which features the vocals of the lovely Emma Hewitt.

Besides the insanely sexy tunes, Chris Lake also has several tunes under his belt which I’d like to be known as “The Chris Lake’s Summer Anthems”.

Chris Lake & Marco Lys (Lake & Lys) – La Tromba
La Tromba
, a collaboration between Chris Lake and Marco Lys in which they produced this massive track which is exotic with an energetic vibe that’s playful and cheery. A perfect track for an outdoor pool/beach party! 

Chris Lake & Marco Lys “Cross The Line”
Yet another “summer anthem” by Chris Lake and Marco Lys

Chris Lake – Sundown
Next is a 2011 release of Chris’ new single titled “Sundown”. I’d like to describe this track as a blend between summer and sexy. The track features the sexy vocals of GiTA, who’s also the vocals for “If You Knew” and plenty of other Chris Lake’s tracks.

Also, don’t miss Chris Lake’s upcoming release which also features the amazing vocals of GiTA. Here’s the official teaser and album art video of the track.

Check out/Follow Chris Lake:


Spotlight: Dada Life

Dada Life is probably the craziest DJ duo you have ever seen. Known for their bananas and champagne, you know their shows are not to be missed if you like to get crazye and dirtaye.

Destroy dance music and have fun. Don’t look back in the past. Always go forward. Don’t think too much. Always follow the money.

Do the Dada.

The result? Big tunes, no frills.

Dada Life is never afraid to overdo it. Be it their remixes or their originals, they hit it hard and heavy! It’s like audio caffeine. Recognising their songs is no mean feat as they have such distinctive style, you know it’s them once you hear it.

It’s a shame that they are not as up there as what I expect them to be BUT I believe they will soon get there in no time. Besides creating great tunes for us punch our fists in the air, bob our heads, shake our bodies and get insane with, they had created plugins for aspiring DJs or even ordinary people like us who love to create music. So far they have launched their Sausage Fattener, the plugin behind their fat and greasy sound and we are definitely waiting for more great plugins to come as they have promised.

What’s there to talk about their stage presence ? It’s impossible to be crazier than the Dada duo. Even by watching them on YouTube gets you in the mood and make you wanna be part of the crowd so badly.

We definitely can’t wait to join this Swedish duo together with their hyper-ness and get high with their inflatable bananas and champagne bottles. Dada Life’s gotta come to Asia!!! And if you haven’t listened to them already, you are missing out on loads of stuff. It’s never to late to follow the Dada so here are some of their original songs and remixes.

Let’s do the Dada !

Hint* Gotta warn you on the “Let’s Get Bleeped Tonight” music video if you haven’t watched it.


Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker

White Noise / Red Meat

Fight Club Is Closed (It’s Time For Rock’n’Roll)

Happy Violence

Let’s Get Bleeped Tonight


Kylie Minogue – All The Lovers (Dada Life Remix)

Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Dada Life Remix)

Chuckie – Who Is Ready To Jump (Dada Life Remix)

Kaskade feat. Haley – Dynasty (Dada Life Remix)

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